From Sun Engineering Inc.

Alchemy Restaurant

Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts
Photographer: STF
Contractor: Jeffrey Richon Builders
Architect: Poore& Company

We designed a new kitchen and dining room make up air system to improve the comfort of the cooking staff and dining room patrons. The heating system was upgraded to a top of the line gas boiler. Variable speed supply air fans allow fine tuning of the fresh air to meet the requirements of the building whether it has a low or high occupancy load

The Lincoln Pool

Location: Lincoln, Massachusetts
Photographer: Thoughtforms
Contractor: Thoughtforms
Architect: Watermulder Andrews

This is an indoor pool building connected to an existing home. A pool dehumidifying and heating system keeps the pool area warm and the glass dry.

The Annisquam House

Location: North Shore, Massachusetts
Photographer: Thoughtforms
Contractor: Thoughtforms
Architect: Charles Rose Architects

This is a very modern steel and glass residence facing northwest on the ocean. The challenge here was to create an HVAC system that could comfortably cool the west facing rooms in the summer and heat the north facing rooms in the winter. The heating and cooling are a combination of high velocity and conventional hydro air systems.

The Beverly House

Location: North Shore, Massachusetts
Photographer: STF
Contractor: Stan Magneson
Architect: John Kelsey

This is an existing home where we were asked to come in and design a ventilation system for a high end kitchen renovation, new zero clearance gas fireplace with concentric venting and cool the attic boiler room that was overheating adjacent rooms. We were able to do this by giving great care to the routing of ductwork and flue piping within the fabric of an historical home.

The Commonwealth Ave. House

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Photographer: Sean Fennessy
Contractor: Performance Building
Architect: Hugh John Sullivan Architects

This is a five story townhouse undergoing an extensive renovation with a sensitive upgrade to the entire HVAC system, taking care not to disturb any of the historical interior. New top of the line gas boilers, quiet roof mounted chillers and all new piping and ductwork are part of the new system.

The Back Shore House

Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts
Photographer: STF
Architect: Chuck McManus Architects

This is an older waterfront home that was completely gutted and rebuilt to exacting standards. The HVAC systems are completely new, using a state-of-the-art gas fired condensing boiler supplying hot water to six hydro-air heating and cooling fan coils located in the basement and attic areas. Nortec steam humidifiers, high efficiency media filters, acoustically isolated equipment, flush wood floor grilles and many other details produced a quiet, very energy efficient, modern, top of the line HVAC system for this vacation home.

The challenge on this project was to integrate a modern comfortable system into an older home, while not compromising any of the architectural integrity or beautiful landscaping around the home.

The Falmouth House

Location: Falmouth, Massachusetts
Photographer: STF
Contractor: Thoughtforms
Architect: Jill Neubauer Architects

This new home, built within an existing flood plain, has all systems located within the interior living spaces. These systems include a high efficiency condensing gas boiler to heat the radiant wood floors, and a high velocity cooling system to cool both levels of the home.

The challenge on this project was to integrate the HVAC system into the living area of the home, while maintaining minimum sound levels and minimizing the footprint of the equipment.

The Quissett House

Location: Falmouth, Massachusetts
Photographer: Hart Associate
Contractor: CH Newton
Architect: Hart Associate Architects

This was an architecturally sensitive restoration of 12,000 sqft home and new pool cabana. The latest Viessmann gas boiler technology was used to heat radiant floors, hydro air handlers, domestic hot water and an outdoor pool and spa. A quiet residential multi-stage electric chiller system is used to cool all areas of the house.

The Woods Hole House

Location: Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Photographer: CBT
Contractor: CH Newton
Architect: CBT - Boston

This is a new waterfront home heated with Viessmann gas boilers and conventional warm air handlers. Indoor air quality is maintained by air exchangers, steam humidifiers and high efficiency air conditioning systems.

The Nonquit House

Location: Southern Massachusetts
Photographer: Fernau and Hartman Architects
Contractor: Howland Company
Architect: Fernau and Hartman Architects

This is an extensive renovation to an older waterfront home. Heating is by Viessmann high efficiency equipment. The important issue here was to hide the hot water radiators as much as possible without sacrificing comfort.

Turner Hill

Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts
Photographer: STF
Owner: Raymond Properties
Architects: CBT (Boston) and Olsen Lewis and Dioli (Manchester)

This is a large, high end residential project in Ipswich, MA, surrounding a golf course and club house. We designed HVAC systems around high efficiency gas fired warm air furnaces and central A/C systems with high efficiency filters and humidifiers. Great care was given to making the systems quiet and energy efficient.

Cotuit Center for the Arts

Location: Cotuit, Cape Cod
Photographer: Brian Vanden Brink
Contractor: CH Newton
Architect: Hutker Architects

The Cotuit Center for the Arts is designed to have several activities happening at once - while an event is happening in the performing arts theater, patrons might gather in either of two galleries to view art exhibits.

The challenge with this project was to create a heating, ventilating and cooling system that could adjust to large groups of two hundred or more in the theater, while also providing comfort to a few dozen in the galleries. In addition, the system needed to maintain perfect comfort while also maintaining relative silence in all locations.

We worked closely with acoustic engineers in designing the many HVAC systems that were exceptionally quiet, yet powerful enough to cool hundreds of patrons on even the hottest of summer days.

The Cotuit House

Location: Cape Cod
Photographer: Brian Vanden Brink
Contractor: CH Newton
Architect: Hutker Architects

This is a beautifully designed renovation and addition to a classic shingle style home on the waters of Cape Cod. The square footage is approximately 14,000 square feet. It is heated with hot water radiant heat with top of the line Viessmann boilers and Lennox high efficiency central A/C systems. The boilers supply water to radiant floor heat, hydro-air air handlers, a garage cabinet unit heater and a domestic hot water storage tank. Nortec clean steam humidifiers, high efficiency media filters and a computerized thermostat system are also used.

Heritage Museum

Location: Sandwich, Massachusetts
Contractor: CH Newton
Architect: Wise Surma Jones

This is a major addition of function rooms and a new automobile display area to the museum. The important detail here is to make sure the antique auto area has precise humidity control and the function areas have comfortable cooling for large gatherings.

Café de la Terre

Location: Mashpee Commons, Cape Cod
Photographer: Daniel Doe
Architect: Eck / McNeely Architects

This restaurant in Mashpee Commons on Cape Cod has all new sealed combustion, high efficiency gas furnaces with integral central A/C systems and full make up air kitchen exhaust hoods with preheating.

The challenge on this project was to integrate a large amount of heating, ventilating and cooling equipment into a small space above ceilings, while providing a comfortable and quiet environment for the dining patrons. The kitchen is integral to the dining room and required a large amount of make up air from the kitchen hoods to be preheated.

All of this occurred in a building with other tenants and restrictions on hiding roof equipment to minimize the visual impact of the quaint shopping area.

The Manchester House

Location: North Shore, Massachusetts
Contractor: Bensley Construction
Architect: Glysteen Design

This is a new 6,000 square foot home with soaring walls of glass facing a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The challenge on this project was integrating a comfortable heating and cooling system in a very unique home while minimizing the visual impact of the HVAC systems. We also had to contend with large expanses of glass, contributing to high heat loss in the winter and high heat gain in the summer. A unique 360 degree fireplace added to the challenge as a make up air system was required to insure the homeowners enjoyed roaring fires in winter. Heating and cooling are by a hydro-air system.

The Annisquam River House

Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts
Photographer: STF & Ken Savoie
Contractor: Becker Custom Building
Architect: K.J. Savoie Architecture

This is a new shingle style home built on the footprint of a classic old family vacation cottage. It is heated with a state of the art gas heating system and high velocity cooling using small, 2” diameter nozzles in the floors and ceilings. Radiant heat is used in the floors, along with European style wall panel radiators.


The challenge here was to design a system with heating and cooling for each level while not impacting the old cottage feel within the home. High efficiency filtration and Nortec humidifiers are used to maintain a very comfortable year round environment on the water.

The West House

Location: Western Suburbs of Boston
Photographer: William Rawn Architects
Contractor: Howard Brothers
Architect: William Rawn Architects

This is a fantastic new glass, steel and stone home. State of the art gas condensing boilers, central air conditioning, steam humidifiers, a wine cellar with precise temperature and humidity controls and extensive outdoor snow melting are included.

The Topsfield House

Location: Topsfield, Massachusetts
Contractor: Classic Structures / CH Newton
Architect: Basil Walters, NYC

This is a complete renovation of a 12,000 square foot, older shingle style home.

The heating system is a state of the art high efficiency gas fired radiant heating system, with cooling by a geothermal standing column well system. The geothermal system removes heat from the home in summer and sends it underground instead of into the outside air which is typical of a conventional system. It is silent and all equipment is either underground in the well or in a basement mechanical room.

The challenge in this home was to create a top of the line heating and cooling system while artfully hiding all equipment, ductwork and registers in a way that did not detract from the careful renovation of a century old home. An extensive wine cellar cooling system is included.